Animal Baths


Praise for Animal Baths

School Library Journal

Gr 2–4—Written in a conversational tone, this book is divided into three parts based on how animals clean themselves (example: "Mud, Dust, and Poop"). Each section begins with a brief description of how and why they engage in specific activities, followed by a spread about which ones utilize this method. A full-page, softly colored drawing of the animals "bathing" faces each page of text. This fascinating book provides some unusual details about the unique behavior of the featured creatures.—Christine Markley, Washington Elementary School, Barto, PA



Grade Level: 3-5

Reviewed by Lori Cirucci
Science Teacher

This is a great book to read to your elementary science students. It's all about animal baths and emphasizes behaviors that young children will recognize and to which they will relate.

Elephant, rhinoceros, zebra, bird, turkey vulture, cat, praying mantis, squirrel, bat, porcupine, buffalo, chimpanzee, turtle, fish, coral, and human baths are all examples of cleaning for survival. This creative book covers all the basics—from mud and dust baths to the use of tongues and claws and teeth. It also explains scamming, shedding, and slamming when an animal is cleaned during its bath. Readers will imagine using paws like a washcloth or shedding outer layers of skin to clean themselves. How about having birds groom your fur or fish clean your shell?

This book captures interesting animal behavior and is a must for the elementary science classroom. It's a great resource to use to support lessons on diversity and adaptations. Once you've read it aloud, students will return to it.


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