Animal Colors


Praise for Animal Colors

School Library Journal

Kindergarten-Grade 4—A gorgeous, in-depth look at animal colors as they occur in nature. Highly graphic and visually appealing, the book is organized first by singular colors, followed by common combinations. Each spread features a banded block in shades of the focus color, along with the color word in large, white text. The border on the right page is dedicated to five smaller pictures of like-colored animals. For the youngest readers, this book can be enjoyed as simply an excellent introduction to color and to identifying the animals. For older readers, this book holds appeal as it also provides factual information, such as habitat, behavior, and diet, in bite-size doses beneath each picture. The photography is sharp and clear, in a style reminiscent of Nic Bishop's work, and the rich, vibrant colors jump off the pages. The last spread gives comparative information about animals' use of color by using side-by-side photographs. Simply stunning.—Nicole Waskie, Chenango Forks Elementary, Binghamton, NY


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