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Praise for Animal Naps

Book Dads
By Chris Singer

About the book:

Fun, full-color photographs illustrate the sleeping habits and locales of more than two dozen animals. Leopards, koalas, and some types of monkeys sleep high in trees, while seals and tortoises doze on sandy beaches in the sunshine. Kangaroos cover their eyes with their paws, and some types of bats pull their wings over their bodies like bedspreads!

My take on the book:

Animal Naps is an adorable non-fiction book full of fantastic photographs of animals (tigers, turtles, gorillas, alligators and more) sleeping and napping. Just about all of the animals featured will be recognizable to young children under four. Not only do the photographs show the animals sleeping but they also show where the animals sleep. It was fun to talk about where some of the animals sleep with my daughter. She enjoyed seeing the animals who slept high up in trees: leopards, koalas and monkeys. Right now, my daughter loves talking about the beach and she also really liked the animals who slept on beaches: tortoises and seals.

All of the photographs are accompanied by a lyrical and fun verse which makes the book great for reading aloud. In fact, this was a great book to introduce to my daughter recently, because she had been struggling with going to nap. Maybe I should say I was the one struggling since she wasn't taking a nap. Regardless, it has been a good book to read before naptime and I think it has helped make naptime a little better for the time being.

It's nice to find a really good non-fiction book to read aloud. They are to find and if you have a child who enjoys gorgeous photographs of animals, they will really get a kick out of this book.