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Praise for Caterpillars

Science News
Magazine of the Society for Science and the Public

A colorful look at cater­pillars — sometimes woolly, sometimes spotted, occasionally sporting fake faces — shows how they transform into delicate, winged insects.

Booklist Review
By Carolyn Phelan

This brightly illustrated book leads off with a six-stanza, rhyming poem about caterpillars. With one exception, phrases from the verse reappear sequentially in bold red letters on the pages that follow, along with a paragraph or two discussing the ideas suggested, if not directly stated, by those phrases. Six or more photos, drawn from a variety of sources and clearly reproduced, appear on a typical spread, along with colorful captions, arrows, borders. Although the poem itself is quite good, and the text and photos explore subjects it raises, more direct headings identifying different topics would have brought greater clarity to the presentation. The extensive back matter includes a page on caterpillar anatomy, a glossary, lists of recommended books and websites, a list of scientific and common names for species mentioned, and two appealing and well-designed activities laid out on double-page spreads. For larger collections.